So you’re ready to transform.
What about your analytics infrastructure?

You’re in a race to determine who can seize real potential in everything from Machine Learning to AI – to take data-driven insights to the next level. Your current approach to analytics may not be up to the job, which is why there’s so much talk of analytics transformation. The ability to ensure infrastructure, software and hardware is ready for what’s next will determine whether your organization succeeds or falls short. The good news is that, together, SAS and Intel are providing integrated capabilities ready for the future.

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What you'll need

Big-time processing power

For analytics-driven insights to have a real impact, they must be delivered throughout the organization at lightning speed—allowing users to make more timely, informed decisions that lead to stronger outcomes. And that requires extraordinary processing power.

The strength of an open network of providers

New analytics capabilities are being generated virtually everywhere—from new, emerging providers to experienced long-time solution providers, and more. No organization can go it alone. Access to a vast network of providers that is constantly evolving and ready at a moment’s notice to deliver the most advanced analytics capabilities is essential.

A flexible analytics platform

This new era of analytic transformation will summon a wide range of analytics capabilities across your organization. How will they all work together? Can they all work together? That’s where a single, flexible platform makes all the difference. This isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Why transform?

Drive innovation by rewarding curiosity

When your analytics infrastructure delivers more insights to more people at a faster pace, their curiosity naturally accelerates the cycle of innovation.

Near-instant delivery of insights

Data-driven insights are most valuable if they’re immediately put to use. Your analytics platform should serve up insights when and where they matter most.

Scale up, scale down, stay the course

Does part of your organization need more access to insights now? Does another need less? You should be able to easily dial it up or down based on current business needs, for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Insights from everywhere

Data is being generated everywhere. At the edge, from the Internet of Things, you name it. All that data represents massive potential value—if you know how to tap into it.

Insights for everywhere

Today users across your organization are primed to receive and use analytics-generated insights. If you can supply them with those insights, the benefits are huge. The result? Smarter teams in every corner of your organization.

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SAS and Intel: A strong analytics foundation

Intel, the definitive leader in computer processing, and SAS, the premier developer for analytics software, have 20 years of collaborative problem-solving under their belts. Their mission is a simple one: Deliver powerful analytics solutions for organizations seeking to provide better service to their customers. Solutions from this partnership can help businesses across a wide variety of industries generate greater value from their data.

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